BRAND: Mazda Miata
TAGLINE: Built for two, only two 

AD/CW: Andrew Peña, Kathryne Ross, Veralice Navarro

The Mazda Miata is a convertible inspired by classic British roadsters. This car may seem limited in space but its two seats and convertible feature make it perfect for a romantic weekend getaway or date night.


This campaign focuses on iconic trios (and unlucky third-wheels). With only two seats available one member of the trio is forced to find another way home. The Miata is ideal when you want that time alone with your significant other whether its date night or you're escaping intergalactic warfare.


Star Wars
:30 Spot
Mazda Miata

star_wars_miata 2.jpg

Han Solo and Leia make a daring escape from a thrilling battle in their Mazda Miata. Unfortunately, there's no room for Chewie.

Harry Potter
:30 Spot
Mazda Miata

:30 Spot
Mazda Miata


Ron and Hermione drive Ron's new Mazda as they return back to Hogwarts. Perfect for them, not ideal for Harry.

Harry and Chewie, feeling left out, find a pairing of their own. 

(These sequential video spots are intended to be run chronologically, with the first two being circulated long enough to be familiar to audiences, before the third ad is released as a Super Bowl spot.)