BRAND: Craftsman 
TAGLINE: Crafting the Future of Fixit 

AD/CW: Andrew Peña, Tyler Peña

We want Craftsman to be the top-of-mind choice for young adults venturing into the DIY and home improvement space. As older Gen-Zers and younger Millennials begin to enter full-on adulthood they will have to now focus on maintaining a home and becoming self-sustaining.


Craftsman wants to be there to help them achieve these goals and turn home project hobbies into lifelong skills.  In order to do this, it’s important that we have a high level of exposure to our target early on in their decision making process.


Craftsman would execute the ultimate PR stunt by sponsoring the building of its own student activity  center on a college campus: Craftsman Hall.


However, there is a catch: the rooms are not finished. It would be up to the student body to customize and design the finishing touches of their activity center to their exact specs.


Not only would they have all the resources they need, provided by Craftsman, but they would have the benefit of professional supervision, advice, and lessons to help them complete their center. 


A place for students, built by students. We want this experience to inspire the participants to become #FutureFixers and turn a new hobby into a lifelong skill.

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Accompanying Craftsman Hall, participants will be encouraged to post about their experience on social media using the hashtags #Craftsman and #FutureFixer. 

Craftsman will also roll out this new hashtag with a post encouraging new home improvement and DIY enthusiasts to show how they are starting their journey to becoming a #FutureFixer for a chance to win Craftsman giveaways.

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This next execution would entail a brand partnership between Craftsman and Youtube Originals in which young, aspiring #FutureFixer’s would compete in a game show that would test their DIY and Home improvement abilities. Challenges would include scenarios such as fixing a broken sink, building and installing bedroom shelves, creating/repairing furniture, and creating custom wall art. 


Contestants will be judged by celebrity handymen and women (such as famous HGTV personalities) as well as popular DIY and home Improvement influencers. Contestants will be competing for cash prizes and free Craftsman tools.



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Scene is set: A van pulling away reveals a young man standing in front of a house. It's his first house and not exactly a sight to behold.

We cut inside and he drops down his bags. camera pans around. he releases a big sigh. he’s got a lot of work to do. 

Another cut to him under the kitchen sink, trying to loosen some pipe, he grabs a hammer. He hits the pipe with hammer and water begins gushing out. *music cue*

Enter a compilation of him failing at fixing and goofing off. Cross cut with those scenes are scenes of him watching videos on home improvement, DIY, and instruction. we also inserts shots of him checking out at store, craftsman tools in hand and him using the tools. he’s slowly improving. 


We see him actually doing stuff correctly now, drilling, hammering, and cutting. the house in the background gradually looking better. 


We finally cut to him, in his now good-looking home, he sits down on the couch and lets out another big sigh, this time of relief. just as that happens, the couch breaks. this time he looks determined. 


Cut to close up of craftsman toolbox, his hand enters and grabs tool box from frame. in the empty space our tag appears. 

Voiceover: for the future fixers…and their fixer uppers. 


End Card: Crafting the Future of Fixit.