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AD/CW: Andrew Peña, Tyler Peña

Tagline: Crafting the Future of Fixit

Spring 2022

We want Craftsman to be the top-of-mind choice for young adults venturing into the DIY and home improvement space. As older Gen-Zers and younger Millennials begin to enter full-on adulthood they will now have to focus on maintaining a home and becoming self-sufficient. Craftsman wants to be there to help them achieve these goals and turn home project hobbies into lifelong skills.

CraftsmanHall (1).jpeg

Craftsman Campus Experience

Craftsman would execute the ultimate PR stunt by sponsoring the building of its own student activity center on a college campus: Craftsman Hall. 

There is a catch however, the rooms aren't finished. It would be up to students to customize and design the finishing touches. 

And to take it one step further, Craftsman will document the creation of the new student activity center by creating their very own Youtube Originals series.


Youtube Originals x Craftsman

As students build the new student activity center, they will compete in a game show that tests their DIY and Home improvement abilities.


Contestants will be assisted and judged by celebrity handy men and women, such as famous HGTV personalities and popular DIY/home improvement influencers. Contestants will be competing for cash prizes and Craftsman products.

The end result? An entertaining show full of drama and humor and a place for students, built by students. We want this experience to inspire the participants and viewers to become #FutureFixers and learn lifelong skills with Craftsman.

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