BRAND: Therabody Theragun
TAGLINE: The sound of relief

AD/CW: Andrew Peña, Jessie Merriman

Theragun by Therabody uses innovative technology to speed up muscle recovery using percussive therapy. At this point, Theragun is used by 250+ professional sports teams, along with physical therapists, trainers, celebrities, and everyday people all over the world.​


The Theragun makes a distinct noise when being used. This may not be one of it most favorable traits which is why we're putting a positive spin on it with out tagline. We want consumers to associate the noise of a Theragun with the feeling of relief.


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Experiential case study video script


The Theragun is an at-home handheld device that uses percussive therapy to enhance muscle recovery, release tension, and soothe discomfort. It makes a very distinct noise when being used. Some may see this as a con which is why we decided to throw a positive spin on it with our tagline and experiential event: THE SOUND OF by Therabody.


THE SOUND OF is a week long silent disco event which is where people dance and listen to music through wireless headphones instead of out loud on a speaker system. Each night would feature a different genre to attract a diverse audience. For example Monday could be rock, Tuesday pop, Wednesday hip hop, and so on. 


During the event there will be periodic Theragun massage breaks. People will be made aware of each break when they hear the sound of a Theragun through their headphones and see our tagline “The sound of relief” on screens by the DJ set.


The sound will then transform into a rhythmic beat. Attendees will be directed to a lounging area along the perimeter of the dance floor. From there Theraguns will be passed out. Instruction on ways to use the Theragun will be led by their DJ turned Theraguide. Once each break is over attendees will return to the dance floor, leaving their Theraguns behind.  


At the end of the event, their headphones will play the Theragun music again and the screens will read “Enjoy the sound of relief at home.” Staff will then hand out Theraguns to people as they leave.


This event will generate positive press around our brand and make consumers associate the sound of Theragun with fun, comfort, and relief.